Motion Short Question Answer

SSC Physics Question Chapter 02

Physics Motion Short Question Answer for CQ (a). Science has made human life beautiful and prosperous. It has increased comfort and happiness. Science is the companion of our everyday life. It is inextricably related to each and every activity of our daily life. Starting from the toothpaste used in the morning to the day-long using the internet, mobile, and watching television all are the fruits of scientific discovery. However, this development of science was not possible in a day. Here we will discuss SSC Motion question for (a). Physics question chapter 02.

Basic Defination from Motion

  1. What is motion?
  2. What is Rest?
  3. What is inertia?
  4. What is Liner Motion?
  5. What is Circular Motion?
  6. What is Translation?
  7. What is Non-Translation?
  8. What is Periodic Motion?
  9. What is Simple Harmonic Motion?

Defination with Example from Motion

  1. What is Dimension?
  2. What is Scalar quantity?
  3. What is Vector Quantity?
  4. What is Accelearation?
  5. What is Speed?
  6. What is Distance?
  7. What is Displacement?
  8. What is velocity?
  9. What is De-accleration?
  10. What is instant Speed?
  11. What is Uniform Speed?
  12. What is Unifrom Accleration?

Explain with Logic from Motion

  1. What is Fundamental Quantity?
  2. What do you mean by rectilinier motion?
  3. What is Vibratory Motion?
  4. What is Accleration due to graviety?

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