HSC 2022 Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Paper Suggestion All Boards [100% Common] PDF

HSC Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Suggestion All Boards 2022 [100% Accurate Solution] PDF: All HSC Students are looking for HSC Business Organization and Management 2nd Suggestion 2022. But the most reliable HSC suggestion for Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd is here on our website Counseling is very important for a candidate. So all the students have to prepare for the exam with separate advice for each subject. All HSC Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Suggestion 2022 updated.


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In our education system, HSC students need counseling for Business Organization and Management 2nd 2022. We know that students can do better without mentoring. Simply put, a student is like a lost traveler without suggestions, because the only things that will come up in the exam are suggestions. And very few are found without consultation. So here is the suggestion for HSC Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd.

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HSC Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Exam Suggestion 2022

Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd HSC Brief Advice 2022: Advice is something that if followed a student is likely to get better results. So the only reason to get good results is to follow the suggestions. Municipalities and governance is the 2nd hardest among all science subjects. So Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd to get good results you must need advice, without advice you can’t expect good results. You can find all suggestions for HSC 2022 on this website.

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HSC Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Short Suggestion 2022

We are also going to discuss HSC Marketing 2nd Question for all the students of Marketing country. All education boards of bd named Dinajpur, Comilla, Barisal, Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Sylhet and Jessore will be satisfied with this HSC 2022 Marketing 2nd suggestion. The suggestions are basically a list of important questions. Without question this can be an important chapter name.

Aspirants do not know from where the exam questions will be prepared or what questions will appear in the exam. That’s why you must follow the suggestions if you want to get good results.

HSC Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Suggestion PDF Download

A little research shows that all the students who have done well in the past have followed the suggestions. They also say that if they had not followed the suggestions, they would not have achieved the desired results. So if you want to do well as a student then you must follow a suggestion.

Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Paper Suggestion 2022

  • Chapter I: Development of Representative Government in British India
  • Chapter II: Pakistan to Bangladesh (1947-1971)
  • Chapter IV: Constitution of Bangladesh (partial)
  • Chapter Seven: Constitutional Institutions
  • Chapter Ten: Civic Problems and Our Actions

HSC Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Paper Suggestion 2022

Chapter:-1 (Partial)

1)Features of Rule of India Act 1935.

2) Powers of the Governor General under the Government of India Act, 1935.

3) Jinnah’s two-nation theory

4) Ministerial mission plan and reasons for its failure

5) Lahore proposal

6) Features and Significance of Indian Independence Act of 1947.


1) Language movement and its impact

2) United Front election

3) Six point movement of 1966

4) Historical Agartala case

5) Election of 1970

6) March 7 election

7) The nature of the state of Pakistan

8) 1969 coup d’état

Chapter:-3 (Partial )

1) AK Fazlul Haque***

2) Shaheed Suhrawardy

3) Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan 

4) Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman***

5) Chittaranjan Das

6) Salimullah

Chapter:-4 (partial)

1) Explain the features of 1972 constitution.

2) Principles of State (Anyone can ask to explain a principle so read well for question no. b).

3) Fundamental rights

4) Ways to enforce fundamental rights.

Chapter:- 7

Constitutional institutions

HSC Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Paper Suggestion 2022 Creative Questions

1. The people of ‘M’ state, crushed by colonial rule and torture, have been agitating for freedom for a long time. Forced by the mass movement, the ruling group enacted a new law dividing the state into two separate states and left the country.

A. How many members of the cabinet plan?
b. What does Bengal mean?
c. Have you read any laws with stimulants? explain
d. Analyze the importance of laws analogous to stimuli.

2. A very popular leader of ‘B’ state was arrested and kept in jail without trial for a long time after filing a false conspiracy case, people erupted in protest. At one point, the government was forced to withdraw the false case and release the popular leader.

A. Who was the prime minister of Mujibnagar government?
b. What does language movement mean?
c. Does the book you read match any historical events with the stimulus? explain
d. The incident described by Uddeep accelerates the nationalist movement – analyze.

3. Mr. Rashid is the chief executive of an organization. After assuming charge, he formulated a policy to govern the organization. The policy was developed after discussion with the members of the organization and reviewing the policies of other organizations. The policy lays down the rights and duties of the members, the principles governing the organization. The policy has been revised several times keeping in view the expectations of the people.

A. What is local governance?
B, why is the fundamental right necessary?
c. Where is the procedural similarity of establishing the constitution of Bangladesh with the principles mentioned in Uddip? explain
d. “Amendment of the said policy is helpful in establishing good governance” – Analyze.

4. Mr. Amin holds the highest position in a constitutional institution of Bangladesh. The entire work of recruiting qualified citizens for civil service in the Republic is done under his supervision. His friend Mr. Atiq recommends a job for his son. Mr. Amin informs his friend that the company he works for is completely neutral. The job of this organization is to recruit suitable and skilled people with integrity.

A. What is the number of members of the national parliament?
b. What is Administrative Tribunal?
c. Mr. Amin in which organization and in what position? Describe the structure of the organization and the rank of the post.
d. Not all the activities of the organization reflected the incentive – analyze.

5. Johnny is Ronnie’s elder brother. Roni got scholarship in 2016 preliminary final examination. Johnny, on the other hand, cannot speak. So he could not be admitted to the local school. His peers don’t want to take him up on the game. Because of this, Johnny and his parents are upset. Ronnie is very friendly with Johnny. Johnny can draw beautiful pictures. His father bought him coloring and shape books. Johnny is now busy with the picture.

A. What is CFC?
b. What do you mean by food adulteration?
c. Explain the problem of Johnny’s disability.
d. Discuss what steps should be taken to resolve Johnny’s problem and help him lead a normal life.

6. Ahana’s favorite vegetable is tomato. He buys two kg of tomatoes from the market after seeing the beautiful color. When I came home, I saw that the tomatoes were not ripe. His younger sister Maria got sick after eating this tomato. When Ahana reported the matter to the police, the police arrested the shopkeeper and brought him to court. The learned court punished the shopkeeper as per the provisions of this Act.

A. What is Evetizing?
b. How does political instability foster corruption?
c. Uddip’s problem of pride refers to which problem in Bangladesh? explain
d. What would you recommend to prevent the problems faced by the stimulant ego?

7. Mr. Milan is a high-ranking official of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. He became the owner of a lot of wealth by earning money illegally in his professional life. Recently, an organization in Bangladesh filed and conducted a case against him for investigation and investigation. At the end of the trial, the learned court gave him the maximum punishment prescribed for this crime.

A. What is the constitutional institution?
b. How does the Public Service Commission select the eligible candidates?
c. Explain to Uddeep the activities of the organization which filed the case against the said Mr. Milan.
d. How much do you think the steps taken by the organization mentioned in Uddip will be helpful in curbing corruption? give feedback

8. Studied Law at Majid Mollah University. While reading the history of the evolution of the constitutions of different countries, he saw that a country had very quickly drafted a constitution of a unique nature. The constitution gives citizens equality before the law, freedom of movement, freedom of religion and freedom of association.

A. In which year was the fifteenth amendment of the Bangladesh Constitution passed?
b. Explain any one state principle of Bangladesh Constitution.
c. Which country’s constitution is similar to that of the country mentioned in Uddeep? describe
d. Analyze the fundamental rights provided in your country’s constitution in addition to the fundamental rights provided in the constitution of the sponsor’s country.

9. In 1885, a political party emerged for the first time in the subcontinent to protect the interests of Indians. Muslims also formed another political party to fulfill their interests and demands. Both groups showed loyalty to the British in the early stages. Later, India was divided by the leaders of two parties and two independent states were born.

A. Who is the proponent of the two-nation theory?
b. What is meant by provincial administration?
c. Uddip has been told about any political party? Discuss the aims and objectives of any political party.
d. Evaluate the role of these two parties in the partition of India.

10. The people were united from the beginning to protest against the exploitation and persecution of ‘A’ state rulers. In the first general election held after two long centuries, the people voted for the party of their choice. But when the ruling group started a new conspiracy without handing over power, the beloved leader of the people declared independence.

A. How many seats in the National Assembly did Awami League win in the 1970 general election?
b. What does the non-cooperation movement of 1971 mean?
c. Does your reading of the 1970 election have any similarities to the stimulus? explain
d. Stimulus-analogous selection paves the way for Bengali self-determination – Analyze

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